The Fed signals rate cuts, US stocks hit new highs, and the Japanese stock market opens at a historic record.

By admin Mar 21, 2024

On Thursday (21st), the Nikkei 225 index in Japan opened up by 1.27%, reaching 40,511.55 points, setting a new historical record, with the gain expanding to 1.43% by the time of reporting.

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) announced on Wednesday to keep interest rates unchanged while continuing to signal three rate cuts this year. In response, the S&P 500 index surged past 5,200 points, and the Dow Jones index rose over 400 points, reaching a new all-time high.

Fed Chairman Powell mentioned in a press conference on Wednesday that the policy interest rates may have reached their peak, and it would be appropriate to begin easing monetary policy at some point this year.

Furthermore, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda stated on Thursday that the inflation target is within reach, and they expect to maintain loose monetary policy for some time. The Bank of Japan announced its latest interest rate decision this week, raising the benchmark rate from -0.1% to 0% to 0.1%, marking the first rate hike since 2007.

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