Foxconn’s stock price hits a 14-year high! Liu Yangwei says that past efforts will be reflected in the company’s value.

By admin Mar 21, 2024

Foxconn (2317-TW) has recently shown strength in its stock price, surpassing 140 NT dollars and approaching a market value of 2 trillion NT dollars. Chairman Liu Yangwei, speaking at the NVIDIA GTC conference, mentioned that he doesn’t have a deep understanding of stock prices, but he believes that Foxconn’s past efforts will eventually be reflected in the company’s value.

Today, Foxconn’s stock price surged over 2%, reaching a high of 142.5 NT dollars, marking a 14-year high. The market value briefly touched 1.975 trillion NT dollars, nearing the 2 trillion mark. Since March, Foxconn has surged more than 37%.

Regarding the recent performance of the stock price, Liu Yangwei stated that stock prices are something he doesn’t fully comprehend. Many people involved in business feel that stock prices often don’t match their expectations, and understanding when they should rise or fall is another challenge.

Liu Yangwei emphasized that while he may not specialize in stock prices, he believes that Foxconn’s past efforts, including initiatives like the “3+3” strategy and the Foxconn Research Institute, will eventually manifest in the company’s value. He expressed confidence that one day it will be reflected, but as for when that day will come, “I don’t know.”

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