The Nikkei index intraday rose above 41,000 points for the first time and closed at a new record high.

By admin Mar 22, 2024

On Friday (March 22), the Nikkei index in Japan continued its upward momentum, rising by 0.67% to reach 41,087.75 points during trading, breaking through the 41,000-point mark for the first time and hitting an intraday high. It ultimately closed with a 0.18% gain at 40,888.43 points, setting a new record high at the closing.

Against the backdrop of rising US stock markets and a weaker Japanese yen, the Tokyo market opened with gains, surpassing the 41,000-point mark. However, profit-taking pressure ahead of the weekend slowed down the pace of gains. The TOPIX index also closed higher, rising by 0.61% to 2,813.22 points for the day.

Looking at specific sectors, rubber products, banks, transportation equipment, fisheries/agriculture/forestry, and airline transportation saw price increases, while mining, precision equipment, pharmaceuticals, and metal products experienced price declines. In the main markets of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, 65% of stocks rose, while 31% fell.

The top performer on the Nikkei index for the day was Sharp, with the company rising by 5.31% and closing at 884.40 Japanese yen. Reports indicated that Sharp is considering downsizing its LCD business. Additionally, Suzuki Motor Corp rose by 3.74% to 6,828.00 Japanese yen, and Nissan Motor Co. closed with a 3.47% gain at 643.20 Japanese yen.

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