“Global Top AI Developers Conference Set to Unveil – Four Key Highlights to Anticipate”

By admin Mar 22, 2024

The highly anticipated 2024 Global Developers Conference (2024 GDC) is set to kick off in Shanghai along the Xuhui Riverside on March 23-24.

Originating from the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), GDC has evolved into a grand festival for global developers, showcasing top-tier technological trends.

Global Developer Elite That’s right, you read that correctly! The 2024 GDC will bring together the world’s most outstanding code gurus, young scientists, excellent entrepreneurs, unsung heroes, developer geeks, and rising stars!

At the 2024 GDC opening ceremony, Avi Bar-Zeev, President of RealityPrime and XR Guild, the father of spatial computing, will discuss the past, present, and future of spatial computing. Steve Hoffman, the father of Silicon Valley venture capital, will explore how startups can survive in the era of artificial intelligence and innovation explosion. Zack Kass, former Head of Business at OpenAI, will discuss “Promoting AI for Good.” Dr. Yuan Yu, the first Chinese Vice-Chair of IEEE, will share his unique insights on international tech exchanges and collaborations, showcasing China’s global tech influence. Other speakers include Ramesh Ramadoss, Chair of the IEEE Blockchain Community, Maureen Lonergan, Global Vice President at Amazon, Assistant Director Qiao Yu from the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Canadian Foreign Academician and Founder of Future Intelligence, Me Tao…

The Scope of “Developers” Expands to All Tech Fields From GAIDC to GDC, the scope of “developers” expands to all tech fields. Diverse coexistence is no longer a fantasy, covering digital twins, artificial intelligence, 5G, robotics, blockchain, VR/AR, edge computing, test validation, simulation, and a range of next-generation information technologies.

At the conference, leading institutions and renowned companies will unveil the latest large-scale technologies. This year’s event will showcase over 100 renowned models from around the world, representing the latest trends and innovative achievements in the tech field.

Additionally, numerous leading humanoid robot companies and smart automotive brands will gather to showcase their latest masterpieces.

In the humanoid robot field, companies such as Robotics, CETC, Xiaoice, Kepler Robotics, Yushu Technology, Leju Robotics, Rucheng Robotics, Accelerated Evolution, and others will present their latest humanoid robots. These robots not only have realistic appearances and agile movements but also possess high levels of intelligence and autonomous decision-making capabilities. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness these robots in action, performing various complex tasks, experiencing the awe and endless possibilities brought by technology.

The smart automotive field will also be a major highlight of the 2024 GDC. Tesla’s Cybertruck has been attracting attention with its unique design and outstanding performance. Amazon’s AIGC BUS represents the latest advances in generative artificial intelligence in commercial applications, boasting excellent driving performance and incorporating advanced AI technology, bringing new imagination to future travel methods.

Model Speed Space, the Source of Model Power The first large-model innovation eco-community in China, “Model Speed Space,” will be recommended globally at the 2024 GDC.

Covering the upstream, midstream, and downstream ecosystem, it effectively resolves pain points such as initial capital investment, computing power requirements, compliance costs, and market connections, assisting startups in rapid growth.

Five major public service platforms: Open Data, Computing Power Scheduling, Testing and Evaluation, Financing Services, Comprehensive Services.

At the core of Model Speed Space lies the innovative eco-creative block on the western bank, the art-filled Museum Avenue, and the nearly nine-kilometer waterfront promenade, beloved by innovation and entrepreneurial teams.

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