FamilyMart declares the development of a parcel service industry chain with the launch of its Store-to-iMailbox service.

By admin Mar 20, 2024

Convenience store chain FamilyMart (5903-TW) announced today (20th) its collaboration with long-term partner Chunghwa Post to launch the “Store-to-iMailbox” service. Over 2,400 iMailbox locations across Taiwan are now linked to FamilyMart stores, filling the logistics gap in closed business circles such as schools, transportation hubs, and industrial parks, making it the most convenient parcel pickup platform.

According to a survey by the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC), 86% of consumers prefer picking up parcels at convenience stores, making it the most popular method. Therefore, FamilyMart is actively building the most comprehensive parcel service industry chain by connecting iMailbox services to FamilyMart stores, expanding the pickup points to 6,600 locations nationwide.

The Store-to-iMailbox service at FamilyMart stores features three unique characteristics: “Unrestricted Packaging Materials,” “Increased Package Size Limit,” and “Higher Weight Allowance.” Unlike previous limitations at convenience stores and iMailbox services where only convenience packaging materials were allowed and only items under 1 kg could be sent, the new service aligns with regular store-to-store services at FamilyMart. Consumers can now use their own packaging materials to send parcels with dimensions not exceeding 45 cm on one side and a total of 105 cm for length, width, and height, and weighing up to 5 kg.

FamilyMart aims to further capture the market for shipments from individual social sellers through this initiative.

Liu Donghao, Director of Digital Finance at FamilyMart Convenience Store, further explained that they have continuously improved service gaps in various shipping and pickup processes over the long term. In recent years, they have innovatively introduced services such as “APP Parcel Reservation Pickup,” “Home Pickup,” “Cross-Platform Cargo Status Inquiry via APP,” and “Disputed Parcel Return Platform.”

In the future, consumers only need to operate at any FamilyMart FamiPort kiosk, and the shipment will arrive at the iMailbox within approximately 3-5 days. The recipient can then pick up the parcel at the designated iMailbox within 3 days by providing a pickup code received via text message, entering the last 3 digits of their phone number and the 6-digit pickup password from the message to quickly collect the parcel.

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