“MediaTek Collaborates with NVIDIA at GTC Conference to Launch Smart Cockpit Chipset for Automotive Use”

By admin Mar 19, 2024

Today (19th), MediaTek (2454-TW) unveiled a series of new Dimensity Auto smart cockpit system-on-chip (SoC) solutions at the NVIDIA (NVDA-US) GTC conference. The CX-1, CY-1, CM-1, and CV-1 chips integrate AI and support NVIDIA DRIVE OS software, enabling automakers to bring excellent AI-driven in-car experiences to next-generation smart vehicles.

The Dimensity Auto smart cockpit chipsets integrate the latest ARMv9-A architecture, AI computation accelerated by NVIDIA’s next-generation GPUs, and NVIDIA RTX graphics technology. They support deep learning functionalities, enabling the execution of large language models (LLMs) in the vehicle for advanced AI safety and entertainment applications such as chatbots, rich multi-screen displays, and driver alertness detection.

MediaTek believes that executing such applications directly at the device end not only enhances security but also provides advantages in speed and low latency. Furthermore, the Dimensity Auto smart cockpit platform combines hardware-level security features that comply with the latest automotive safety standards to further protect user data.

General Manager of MediaTek’s Computing and Connectivity Business Group, Jerry Yu, stated that just as revolutionary personalized and intuitive computing experiences were brought to the mobile market, generative AI is now transforming the automotive industry. The Dimensity Auto smart cockpit solution offers an easily expandable hardware and software platform to help automakers deploy AI functions across their entire vehicle lineup, bringing a brand-new AI in-car entertainment experience to the automotive industry.

The Dimensity Auto smart cockpit platform elevates in-car entertainment to a new level, integrating NVIDIA RTX GPUs to support ray tracing technology for realistic visual and lighting effects in gaming. It also supports AI resolution enhancement and frame interpolation technologies for fast and smooth character movements.

Additionally, leveraging the latest networking and memory technologies of the Dimensity Auto smart cockpit platform, different passengers can simultaneously connect to different screens to watch multimedia content. During video playback, AI technology can achieve real-time gaze correction and improve audio quality, among other advanced features.

Ali Kani, Vice President and General Manager of NVIDIA’s Automotive Business Unit, emphasized that generative AI and accelerated computing are reshaping the automotive industry. The newly launched Dimensity Auto chipsets combine NVIDIA’s leading graphics processing and AI technologies to deliver unprecedented in-vehicle interactive experiences and enhance safety features and connectivity functions across various vehicle models.

Moreover, the Dimensity Auto smart cockpit CX-1, CY-1, CM-1, and CV-1 chipsets are highly integrated with multiple functions to help automakers reduce Bill of Materials (BOM) costs. For example, the built-in multi-camera HDR ISP supports forward, in-cabin, and bird’s-eye-view angle photography, enabling various safety-enhancing applications. They also integrate audio DSP, supporting the latest voice assistants, allowing drivers to access and use information and entertainment systems without releasing the steering wheel.

MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto series platform provides the automotive industry with three main platforms and a key component. In addition to the smart cockpit platform, it includes the Dimensity Auto connected car platform, offering high-speed in-vehicle communication and efficient Wi-Fi connectivity technology. The Dimensity Auto smart driving platform provides NVIDIA’s scalable complete open platform with intelligent assistance and autonomous driving solutions. Lastly, the Dimensity Auto key component offers high-reliability automotive-grade chipsets and standalone components for connected vehicles.

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