Bluetrend is optimistic about the recovery in laptop demand, estimating a year-on-year increase in shipments in Q1 despite it being the off-season.

By admin Mar 17, 2024

Bluetrend (2362-TW) stated that with the global economic recovery and the end of PC inventory digestion, they expect the global laptop market to gradually resume growth. With the introduction of new ultrabook models and increased demand for AI-powered PCs, they anticipate that laptop shipments in the off-season of the first quarter will surpass the previous year’s levels.

Bluetrend reported a revenue of 24.4 billion NT dollars and a net profit after tax of 1.06 billion NT dollars, with an earnings per share of 1.81 NT dollars last year. In the fourth quarter, driven by traditional seasonal rush orders, they shipped 488,000 units with a revenue of 5.97 billion NT dollars, marking a 10% quarterly increase and a 33% annual increase. For the full year, they shipped 1.68 million units, a 4% increase year-on-year, generating a revenue of 21.3 billion NT dollars, a 13% increase year-on-year.

Looking ahead to this year, Bluetrend mentioned that with Intel launching the new generation processor platform Meteor Lake, they have already introduced a series of ultrabook products featuring Meteor Lake. Additionally, they highlighted the vital momentum brought by AI PC demand and the gradual increase in replacement demand post-pandemic, indicating that the first-quarter laptop shipments are expected to remain strong despite being the off-season.

In February, Bluetrend recorded a revenue of 3.493 billion NT dollars, a 1.5% increase year-on-year. Their laptop business shipped 260,000 units, a 4% increase year-on-year, and they are on track to achieve their annual growth target in the first quarter despite it being the off-season.

Bluetrend emphasized that this year, they will collaborate with hundreds of channel partners, customers, and suppliers to adapt, while also intensifying efforts to expand into the Southeast Asian and Indian markets. They will continue to tailor competitive products for different regions or countries, expecting to achieve continued success in terms of both price and volume.

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